twitter application for PalmOS

twitter is one of the internet hype nowadays. I, as one of twitter user and PalmOS user, wondering is there any twitter API application that works on my Treo650.

After searching, I found one a real native PalmOS application for twitter. But unfortunately the application is not suit my need for twittering. That application is only able to update the status, without any other functionality.

Then later, I found another twitter application which is based on Java. The name is twittai. completely fulfilled my requirement of what twitter application should be.
twittai, could update, reply, retweet, save as favorite, direct message, etc.

So far, twittai is the only java application for twitter that can works on IBM Java VM for PalmOS. other twitter Java application failed because the IBM Java VM lack of support on detail display.

If you want to use it, make sure you have IBM Java VM installed on your treo650 or your PalmOS device. then goto from your blazer browser. then download it, and ready to use.

tips: bypass keyguard

When you set-up the keyguard on your treo 650, it will lock your phone after it goes to sleep - depend on the setting on the preference - to avoid any accidental keyboard pressed.

but when you wake the phone up, the lock still active, and you need to press the center of the d-pad to activate it.

so it need two step for the treo to be function normal, first waking it up by pressing the red phone button, then pressing the central button of d-pad.

btw, there's a shortcut for it, so you only need one step to wake your treo up.
it's done by pressing the alt button (the blue button) with the red phone button.
your treo 650 will instantly active.

source: id-palmOS milis.

fun with your contacts, and scroll a la blackberry

Treoblle is an application to ease you scrolling your contacts in fast. the display of the contacts name in big font is nice too.
You can scroll the contact list by stylus - i preferred using my finger - up and down smoothly.
press and move your finger/stylus up and down until specific name. to see the phone number/e-mail of the person, you need to press-hold for a second for the info to pop up.
it can operated by d-pad, but it loose the fun.

additionally to imitate a blackberry side scrolling, you might want to install treoSkey to emulate the volume button of your treo into scrolling button.
after you install the treoSkey, it will be installed under preference. open your preference, on section 'Other' you'll see treoSkey. enable it.
but somehow it's not instantly makes the treoSkey to work, after you go to your Home, press Option + side button to activate it.
now, with treoSkey so you can scroll a la blackberry on any application on your treo.

and one thing for sure, those two applications are free for use. :)

free games for treo 650

Bored with you current games on your treo 650? There's a good news from Pdamill, that they release their games for free.
free?! yes! no registration needed. just click and download.

go to Pdamill free games, then download the provided games, make sure you download the 320x320, instead of 480x320, because your treo 650 screen is 320x320.

unzip the downloaded file, then hotsync it.
if you encounter any error when running those game, try to rename the file [filename]320x320.pdb into [justfilename].pdb

i overheard posterous mentioned everywhere, on twitter, on plurk. So it tickled me to try it.

posterous is blog service that provide a flexibility for people to post using his/her e-mail, and it's no need some kind of registration form either.

just send e-mail to, then it'll generate a temporary blog for you which later need to be setup by you.
your 'e-mail' will be shown on your 'going to be' posterous blog.

you can send normal text, pictures, video from your mobile phone, using your e-mail client.

but the problem arise after i try to send a picture which i took using my treo650, then send it via gmail using snapper.
the picture size is only 92 kb. when snapper send it, it become 125 kb (which is normal for e-mail size marked up due to header thing).

since treo 650 is doesn't have 3G capability, i send it using GPRS network.
and it took me averagely 30 minutes just to send 1 picture. and it failed due to timeout.

so there goes fun, i probably won't use my handheld to send blog (pic) post to my blog at posterous.