displaying alert window on treo 650 without stylus

when other treo application is active while an alert of calendar or task poped up, then the alert can be indicated by blinking asterisk icon on the left top corner of the screen.

for normal use of treo it is not needed of a stylus to touch the screen for activity.
first, i thought, i cannot displaying my alert window without touching the asterisk icon. somehow when i'm not in the mood to take off the stylus, i just using my finger to touch it.

later i found out that, it just need a 2 seconds pressing on the dpad center button on the treo 650 to display the alert window.

so for now, no need to hustle and bustle touching the icon of left top corner.

damage HotSync cable causing excessive hot

one day, one pin of my HotSync cable is broken, so it cannot attached firmly into my treo650.

So while charging, if the connector not firmly plug into the handheld, for several minutes it will become hot and hotter. and later the LCD display will turn dark, and the treo will be hot.

to make the LCD to be normal in instant, first press the Function button (the big dot button on the left) than press the P button to show the brightness menu. after the brightness bar showed, scroll to the right and back to left again to restore it bright.

but there's no way to cool the gadget instantly. so you have to wait several minutes to make it cool.