a new hotsync cable

it's been months ago that i broke my hotsync cable. the pin on the right broke. but it's working just fine for synchronizing and charging.

until one month ago, the cable failing to sync. but still able to charge which sometimes causing extreme hot.

from id-palmOS mailing list, most of people suggest to clean the cable pin using cotton bud and alcohol.
I've tried it, and it wont do. the cable still fail to hotsync.

so i browse milis id-palmos' archives, and i found out that somebody just bought hotsync cable from one of the famous person :) in milis, zay.

later, i contact him whether he still had this hotsync cable. he said he need to check whether the cable still available.
then i arrange time to meet him in persons, since his office near by mine, but unfortunately the time is not on my side, so i failed to meet him.

i want to have discussion about my broken d-pad, zay is famous for fixing error in treo, so i wonder that he will be able to fix mine.

because there's small chances that i can meet face to face, than i request for the cable price and his bank account. i send the inquiry e-mail along with my address.

several days gone by without answer. and suddenly a package came to my house. and it's the hotsync cable!
wow! i even hadn't transfer any money yet.
now! i can hotsync, and charge with pleasure ;P