3 on treo

3 is [almost] the newest cellular network provider in Indonesia. it is a Hutchison Telecom International company in Indonesia.

when last week, my brother handed me a new "3" SIM card.
without any hesitating i plugged the SIM card into my treo650. and later to found out that the phone will receive 3 SMS from the network operator automatically the SIM card put in a cellular phone.
but to my surprise, the SMS didn't come and the SIM card is still unactivated.

So i take off the SIM card and put in Ran's Sony-Ericsson W80. after the SIM plugged in, the in a couple seconds, the SMS came. it turn out that the SMS is a trigger for the oprator to send OTA setting of GPRS and MMS.
that come to my question, why treo was not supported? or it is treo that's not suport the OTA.

an then after the SIM activated. i move the SIM card to my treo. and it works.
but i have to manually copy-ing the GPRS & MMS setting from Ran's phone.

there is one thing that amaze me. which is the customer service phone number stored on the SIM card, it is displayed on the contacts.
later when i remove the "3" SIM card, and put in my matrix card, the "3" CS phone number dissapeared.
cool eh?...

things should be available in treo650

there are some small features, that i believe should exist in treo 650.

  1. a default contact button.
    a lack of default contact button, requiring you to goto main application then tap on contacts. but to overcome that, we can create a shortcut;
    1. go to preference on main application,
    2. then select button, then you can assign option + [some button] for contacts

  2. direct delete for SIM phonebook from contact.
    you need go to to SIM book to do the delete action
  3. middle name field in contact.
    if you're using Microsoft Outlook, then you filled in middle name field in there, after syncronizing, you fill find the middle name is missing from treo 650 contacts.
  4. filter syncronize
    on palm OS 4. it need HotSync to syncronize, the latest HotSync is capable to only syncronize filtered data, no need all.

hide your phone number for outgoing call

Sometimes we need to make a call that the person we call no need to know our number.

here are how to do it on your treo650 gsm.
  • press the green phone button
  • press menu button, the button on the right, over the red phone button
    • select Option / Call Preferences ..
    • or press menu button, then press A on keypad.
    • then give checkmark on Block outgoing caller ID
then when you dial a number, the person who receive your call should only see : private number or somenthing like that on their display.

note: this feature is sometimes optional, you might need to subscribe to your network provider for this.