strange crash

last week, i had a strange experience. my treo650 crashed. then while it reset, it was reseting twice.

for a moment i'm affraid that it'll go for infinitive loop, thankfully not. but when it finishes restarting, the screen is back to default, no wallpaper on the pone screen, just plain blueish gradation.

hey what's wrong? i checked another application in the treo650, it's all there. but, when i open the application, it goes back to default preference. like a new fresh installed ;( ..argh!

so i try to re-setting every applications in my treo. then when i try browsing using web/blazer it crashed! hua!

i try several times, sometimes it works normally, but most of the time it crashes on blazer. *sigh.

finally. i fed up. then i hard-reset my treo650.
to hard reset treo 650 is almost the same as soft reset. which is stick your stylus into the hole near the battery.
after you see progressing bar, press the red phone button. then when you see palm logo, wait for 2 seconds, then release the red phone button.
then it'll prompt you wheter you want to erase the data or not. press up on d-pad for yes as the answer.
then your treo will be formatted.