broken d-pad

i accidently dropped my treo to the floor, and then the d-pad is fell off. then i try tu put the d-pad back in. and turn out that i put it wrong, the upper side is should be the lower side.

wrong positioned d-pad cause the button hard to pressed. its kinda un-responsive.
at first it frustated me, because d-pad is the major button on treo. if it failed to response than you have to use stylus to do the work.

i try to re-plugged the d-pad, but it seem already glued back to it's container. then i look for needle. i push the needle betwen d-pad and treo body opening. then i try to levered out the d-pad, at first it seem not working, but on the second try it worked!

then i rotate the d-pad, put it back in. then d-pad function as normal

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