fun with your contacts, and scroll a la blackberry

Treoblle is an application to ease you scrolling your contacts in fast. the display of the contacts name in big font is nice too.
You can scroll the contact list by stylus - i preferred using my finger - up and down smoothly.
press and move your finger/stylus up and down until specific name. to see the phone number/e-mail of the person, you need to press-hold for a second for the info to pop up.
it can operated by d-pad, but it loose the fun.

additionally to imitate a blackberry side scrolling, you might want to install treoSkey to emulate the volume button of your treo into scrolling button.
after you install the treoSkey, it will be installed under preference. open your preference, on section 'Other' you'll see treoSkey. enable it.
but somehow it's not instantly makes the treoSkey to work, after you go to your Home, press Option + side button to activate it.
now, with treoSkey so you can scroll a la blackberry on any application on your treo.

and one thing for sure, those two applications are free for use. :)

free games for treo 650

Bored with you current games on your treo 650? There's a good news from Pdamill, that they release their games for free.
free?! yes! no registration needed. just click and download.

go to Pdamill free games, then download the provided games, make sure you download the 320x320, instead of 480x320, because your treo 650 screen is 320x320.

unzip the downloaded file, then hotsync it.
if you encounter any error when running those game, try to rename the file [filename]320x320.pdb into [justfilename].pdb

i overheard posterous mentioned everywhere, on twitter, on plurk. So it tickled me to try it.

posterous is blog service that provide a flexibility for people to post using his/her e-mail, and it's no need some kind of registration form either.

just send e-mail to, then it'll generate a temporary blog for you which later need to be setup by you.
your 'e-mail' will be shown on your 'going to be' posterous blog.

you can send normal text, pictures, video from your mobile phone, using your e-mail client.

but the problem arise after i try to send a picture which i took using my treo650, then send it via gmail using snapper.
the picture size is only 92 kb. when snapper send it, it become 125 kb (which is normal for e-mail size marked up due to header thing).

since treo 650 is doesn't have 3G capability, i send it using GPRS network.
and it took me averagely 30 minutes just to send 1 picture. and it failed due to timeout.

so there goes fun, i probably won't use my handheld to send blog (pic) post to my blog at posterous.

strange crash

last week, i had a strange experience. my treo650 crashed. then while it reset, it was reseting twice.

for a moment i'm affraid that it'll go for infinitive loop, thankfully not. but when it finishes restarting, the screen is back to default, no wallpaper on the pone screen, just plain blueish gradation.

hey what's wrong? i checked another application in the treo650, it's all there. but, when i open the application, it goes back to default preference. like a new fresh installed ;( ..argh!

so i try to re-setting every applications in my treo. then when i try browsing using web/blazer it crashed! hua!

i try several times, sometimes it works normally, but most of the time it crashes on blazer. *sigh.

finally. i fed up. then i hard-reset my treo650.
to hard reset treo 650 is almost the same as soft reset. which is stick your stylus into the hole near the battery.
after you see progressing bar, press the red phone button. then when you see palm logo, wait for 2 seconds, then release the red phone button.
then it'll prompt you wheter you want to erase the data or not. press up on d-pad for yes as the answer.
then your treo will be formatted.

google map application for palm OS

finaly, google launch it's google map application for palm OS devices. it's already compile as PRC, so it will be easy to install.

you can download it by directing your palm OS browser to then download the application.

later when it has finished downloading, then you must run the installer that you've just downloaded.
then you can open google map on your handheld. but don't forget it need internet connection to browse google map.

i'm using treo 650, and it's smoothly open. but unfortunately since i'm living in jakarta, indonesia, the map is not really detailed. but at least i can view satelite imagery of the city :)

google map for palm OS have features such;

  • find location,
    just type any location you want, then google map will show you where is it.
  • find near by business,
    let say, if you're hungry, and you want to eat pizza, then type on the pizza on the search box, and google map will find it, if the business is registered in the map.
  • direction,
    google map will find direction from one location to another location.
  • traffic,
    google map will show you traffic in current opened map, if available
info via: id-PalmOS mailing list

game: wait for it

Wait For It is
a new game for palmOS 5 from Daily Mindfulness.

Tired of multiplayer first-person shooter games that reward 14-year-old punks with itchy trigger fingers? Put the ultimate gaming skill--patience--to the ultimate test with this unique multiplayer contest game from the creators of Don't Step There! The object of the game is simply to wait more efficiently than your competitors (AI or human). If you're stuck alone, sitting around waiting for an errant friend at the movie theatre, quickly fire up Wait for It on your Palm device and start playing immediately with real people around the world. There's no skill necessary; just the ability to wait patiently for long periods of time

you may download it from

a new hotsync cable

it's been months ago that i broke my hotsync cable. the pin on the right broke. but it's working just fine for synchronizing and charging.

until one month ago, the cable failing to sync. but still able to charge which sometimes causing extreme hot.

from id-palmOS mailing list, most of people suggest to clean the cable pin using cotton bud and alcohol.
I've tried it, and it wont do. the cable still fail to hotsync.

so i browse milis id-palmos' archives, and i found out that somebody just bought hotsync cable from one of the famous person :) in milis, zay.

later, i contact him whether he still had this hotsync cable. he said he need to check whether the cable still available.
then i arrange time to meet him in persons, since his office near by mine, but unfortunately the time is not on my side, so i failed to meet him.

i want to have discussion about my broken d-pad, zay is famous for fixing error in treo, so i wonder that he will be able to fix mine.

because there's small chances that i can meet face to face, than i request for the cable price and his bank account. i send the inquiry e-mail along with my address.

several days gone by without answer. and suddenly a package came to my house. and it's the hotsync cable!
wow! i even hadn't transfer any money yet.
now! i can hotsync, and charge with pleasure ;P

broken d-pad

i accidently dropped my treo to the floor, and then the d-pad is fell off. then i try tu put the d-pad back in. and turn out that i put it wrong, the upper side is should be the lower side.

wrong positioned d-pad cause the button hard to pressed. its kinda un-responsive.
at first it frustated me, because d-pad is the major button on treo. if it failed to response than you have to use stylus to do the work.

i try to re-plugged the d-pad, but it seem already glued back to it's container. then i look for needle. i push the needle betwen d-pad and treo body opening. then i try to levered out the d-pad, at first it seem not working, but on the second try it worked!

then i rotate the d-pad, put it back in. then d-pad function as normal

new 2400 mAh battery

3 weeks ago, i found out that my treo 650 battery is not functional as usual. it easily dropped and caused the phone to suddenly restart due to loss of power.

i think this is the time that i buy a new battery. because the current battery is already aging :)

so i contact several guy/store that might sold battery for treo 650. and to my surprise non of them has it. and one of them telling me, if i'm serious to buy from him, then he will import it.

because i need a new battery then i aggree to buy from him. and i order a seidio 2400 mAh for treo 650.

3 weeks later, the battery came.
whooho!, i'm happy. but then when i plugged the battery and charged it. no sign of recharging activity.
the treo keep shutting down after 30 seconds on. it keep saying something like "your battery is low, phone will shut down in 30 seconds."

the i examine this new battery. and i read on the back of the battery that it is for treo 680!. so i contact the guy who sell me this battery. but he said that no difference between treo 680' battery and treo 650's battery.

so i browse to seidio, on that page there's nothing that stated the treo 680's battery have compatibilty with treo 650. but, for treo 650's battery it has compatibility with Palm Treo 650/700w/700p/700wx.

and in the back of the battery it state diferent voltage between treo650's battery which is 3.6V and treo 680's battery which has 3.3V

so, the guy who sold me the battery said that he will check it out. and for the mean time he borrowed me a treo 700 battery that compatible with my treo.