retrieve yahoo mail using versamail

it's been widely known that you cannot download your yahoo e-mail into e-mail application using pop3. especially from (but you still can do it if you're singaporean or indonesian yahoo base)

but to my surprise, you still can 'download' your yahoo e-mail using imap4! yey! ..
using a versamail, which is a default e-mail client in treo650. you can read your yahoo e-mail.
here's the step :

  1. create a new account in versamail. in menu Accounts/ Account Setup. or using shorcut menu button and W.
  2. click on new.. button.
  3. fill in any name on account name. let's put in yahooimap.
  4. choose mail service: other.
  5. choose protocol : IMAP, click next button
  6. fill in your yahooID on username, and the password, clik next button
  7. fill in your complete yahoo e-mail. it should be [yourYahooID]
  8. fill in on incoming mail server
  9. and on outgoing mail server
  10. click next button
  11. later click advanced button.
  12. leave it as default for port number, which is 143 and uncheck the SSL option
  13. click next
  14. leave it as default for port number, which is 25 and uncheck the SSL option. but put a checkmark on ESMTP
  15. done
now you should be able to read your yahoo e-mail on your treo650 :)

info : alex.liong at id-PalmOS mailing list.

3 on treo

3 is [almost] the newest cellular network provider in Indonesia. it is a Hutchison Telecom International company in Indonesia.

when last week, my brother handed me a new "3" SIM card.
without any hesitating i plugged the SIM card into my treo650. and later to found out that the phone will receive 3 SMS from the network operator automatically the SIM card put in a cellular phone.
but to my surprise, the SMS didn't come and the SIM card is still unactivated.

So i take off the SIM card and put in Ran's Sony-Ericsson W80. after the SIM plugged in, the in a couple seconds, the SMS came. it turn out that the SMS is a trigger for the oprator to send OTA setting of GPRS and MMS.
that come to my question, why treo was not supported? or it is treo that's not suport the OTA.

an then after the SIM activated. i move the SIM card to my treo. and it works.
but i have to manually copy-ing the GPRS & MMS setting from Ran's phone.

there is one thing that amaze me. which is the customer service phone number stored on the SIM card, it is displayed on the contacts.
later when i remove the "3" SIM card, and put in my matrix card, the "3" CS phone number dissapeared.
cool eh?...

things should be available in treo650

there are some small features, that i believe should exist in treo 650.

  1. a default contact button.
    a lack of default contact button, requiring you to goto main application then tap on contacts. but to overcome that, we can create a shortcut;
    1. go to preference on main application,
    2. then select button, then you can assign option + [some button] for contacts

  2. direct delete for SIM phonebook from contact.
    you need go to to SIM book to do the delete action
  3. middle name field in contact.
    if you're using Microsoft Outlook, then you filled in middle name field in there, after syncronizing, you fill find the middle name is missing from treo 650 contacts.
  4. filter syncronize
    on palm OS 4. it need HotSync to syncronize, the latest HotSync is capable to only syncronize filtered data, no need all.

hide your phone number for outgoing call

Sometimes we need to make a call that the person we call no need to know our number.

here are how to do it on your treo650 gsm.
  • press the green phone button
  • press menu button, the button on the right, over the red phone button
    • select Option / Call Preferences ..
    • or press menu button, then press A on keypad.
    • then give checkmark on Block outgoing caller ID
then when you dial a number, the person who receive your call should only see : private number or somenthing like that on their display.

note: this feature is sometimes optional, you might need to subscribe to your network provider for this.

new java from palm

annulate my latest post about installing old version of gmail application.

here are some news, palm launch the latest java support for treo!.

er1ck from id-PalmOS has try to install it, and running gmail application. it work, though it's still unstable running opera mini.

entering time for calendar in a quick way

when you want to add a calendar item, and then want to enter the time -- while you're not using stylus -- you need to scroll down of the exact hour and minute. And you have to do it twice!, for start time and end time.

it so not practical to scroll down and up. if you are in a hurry, you can mistakenly select the wrong time.

here are some fast tips to enter the time in calendar. press the number on your keyboard! :)

let say you have an apointment at 7.15 PM, you just pressed 1, 9, 5, that's it! fast and quick.

then press down on the D-pad for end time and enter the number of the hour you want to.

installing mobile gmail application on treo 650

actually gmail mobile application cannot run on treo 650, there's some error 'lang java. something'. (even though you already install javaVM for treo.)

but this guy claimed that there's other older gmail application that can run on treo

so want to try it your self ? let me know if it is working ya?.. :)

updated 13 July 2007

mine is still not working :(
finally it's working, i need to go around, using explorer, to make the .jar file registered on JavaVM instalation

using treo 650 as wireless modem through bluetooth

your GSM treo 650 can be used as a wireless modem to connect your PC to internet. All you have to do is pairing your PC/laptop/notebook with your treo.

  1. Turn On Bluetooth on your PC/laptop/notebook and on your treo.
  2. Open your Bluetooth application on your treo. it should be under Main category.
  3. Turn on by tapping on "On" button.
  4. Set your device name. You can named it as you like. but my suggestion it is better using specific name.
  5. Choose "Yes" on Discoverable.
  6. Leave Dial-up Networking to "Off" for the moment.
  7. tap on "Setup Devices"
  8. it will display choice of Setup
  9. tap on "Trusted Devices".
  10. tap on "Add device".
  11. later select the device that appeared.
  12. enter the secret code on your treo and on your PC/laptop/notebook.
  13. Press Home button on your treo
  14. Go to Bluetooth application again,
  15. now, switch Dial-up Networking to "On"
  16. on your PC, on your Bluetooth icon, there should be menu "Network Connection"
  17. and now Create a new Connection.
  18. enter your User and Password of your celular network (please contact your celular network provider)
  19. and the number to dial is : *99***1#

for Indonesia Satelindo, Matrix, the user and password leave it blank

displaying alert window on treo 650 without stylus

when other treo application is active while an alert of calendar or task poped up, then the alert can be indicated by blinking asterisk icon on the left top corner of the screen.

for normal use of treo it is not needed of a stylus to touch the screen for activity.
first, i thought, i cannot displaying my alert window without touching the asterisk icon. somehow when i'm not in the mood to take off the stylus, i just using my finger to touch it.

later i found out that, it just need a 2 seconds pressing on the dpad center button on the treo 650 to display the alert window.

so for now, no need to hustle and bustle touching the icon of left top corner.

damage HotSync cable causing excessive hot

one day, one pin of my HotSync cable is broken, so it cannot attached firmly into my treo650.

So while charging, if the connector not firmly plug into the handheld, for several minutes it will become hot and hotter. and later the LCD display will turn dark, and the treo will be hot.

to make the LCD to be normal in instant, first press the Function button (the big dot button on the left) than press the P button to show the brightness menu. after the brightness bar showed, scroll to the right and back to left again to restore it bright.

but there's no way to cool the gadget instantly. so you have to wait several minutes to make it cool.

OLERR HotSync error to Calendar Outlook 2007

After successfully patch the PalmDesktop so it can HotSync with Outlook 2007, other problem arise. The Outlook Calendar 2007 failed synchronize the events with my treo650.

It showed several OLERR [some number] on the HotSync log. So I googling and found that so many people encounter the same problem with me. here're some link :several solution for Hotsync OLERR with outlook 2007, palm hontsync OLERR error.
those link provide several way to correct the error. But unfortunately all of those suggestion not worked for my problem.

Then I try to find out tracing the cause of evil in the Outlook Calendar 2007. After opening the Outlook, the Reminder box pop-up displaying some of events. Then I try to Dismiss All.
Dang! it cannot!, then i try to double click one of the event trying to open it. dang! it display an error message box "Error, please input positive duration". what the ..!

So I go to Calendar event list, then search for that event that failed to open. After found the events, i try to open it again. it still failed to open. shite!

in the end, i delete the un-open events. because there're no way to open it or edit it.

After the deletion, i synchronize again, and .. whala!! it works! no OLERR again. Every single events both on Outlook Calendar and my Palm Calendar synchronize!.. fiu.

It seem the failed events are recurrence events that has no end time.
e.g. the events start at 1 Jan 1976 12:00AM but no end time. but it recurrent. so it create that mess.
maybe this things happened because i used to use Agendus which has capability to set alarm of an events after then events occur (not before it occur)

HotSync with Outlook 2007

yey!, finally I bought my self a notebook, it's a Lenovo Y400 45A.

Later I install Microsoft Office 2007. Then i load my .PST file on Outlook. Then I HotSync.
dang! the HotSync cannot synchronize with Outlook 2007! shite!

Then by googling, i found out that PalmDesktop already launch the patch for Outlook 2007. fhewww.. what a relieve.

After patching then I realize, Outlook 2007 no more supporting categories. They still maintained the old categories, but for current version they using color categories.
HUH! strange. why on earth Microsoft do that! it will create a non-telly things with my treo and PalmDesktop

un-timed facer 3

I install Facer for my default launcher, because it can display today screen nicely, compare to .. let say.. agendus. and in fact it's a launcher which has the capability to organize softwares on the phone and/or memory card.

just recently i found a minus for this today screen, which is, it cannot display untimed calendar events! .. and it failed to display alarm visually. you know the asterisk on the left upper corner to give you notification of alarm events.

other than that, everytings seems ok.