OLERR HotSync error to Calendar Outlook 2007

After successfully patch the PalmDesktop so it can HotSync with Outlook 2007, other problem arise. The Outlook Calendar 2007 failed synchronize the events with my treo650.

It showed several OLERR [some number] on the HotSync log. So I googling and found that so many people encounter the same problem with me. here're some link :several solution for Hotsync OLERR with outlook 2007, palm hontsync OLERR error.
those link provide several way to correct the error. But unfortunately all of those suggestion not worked for my problem.

Then I try to find out tracing the cause of evil in the Outlook Calendar 2007. After opening the Outlook, the Reminder box pop-up displaying some of events. Then I try to Dismiss All.
Dang! it cannot!, then i try to double click one of the event trying to open it. dang! it display an error message box "Error, please input positive duration". what the ..!

So I go to Calendar event list, then search for that event that failed to open. After found the events, i try to open it again. it still failed to open. shite!

in the end, i delete the un-open events. because there're no way to open it or edit it.

After the deletion, i synchronize again, and .. whala!! it works! no OLERR again. Every single events both on Outlook Calendar and my Palm Calendar synchronize!.. fiu.

It seem the failed events are recurrence events that has no end time.
e.g. the events start at 1 Jan 1976 12:00AM but no end time. but it recurrent. so it create that mess.
maybe this things happened because i used to use Agendus which has capability to set alarm of an events after then events occur (not before it occur)

HotSync with Outlook 2007

yey!, finally I bought my self a notebook, it's a Lenovo Y400 45A.

Later I install Microsoft Office 2007. Then i load my .PST file on Outlook. Then I HotSync.
dang! the HotSync cannot synchronize with Outlook 2007! shite!

Then by googling, i found out that PalmDesktop already launch the patch for Outlook 2007. fhewww.. what a relieve.

After patching then I realize, Outlook 2007 no more supporting categories. They still maintained the old categories, but for current version they using color categories.
HUH! strange. why on earth Microsoft do that! it will create a non-telly things with my treo and PalmDesktop