HotSync with Outlook 2007

yey!, finally I bought my self a notebook, it's a Lenovo Y400 45A.

Later I install Microsoft Office 2007. Then i load my .PST file on Outlook. Then I HotSync.
dang! the HotSync cannot synchronize with Outlook 2007! shite!

Then by googling, i found out that PalmDesktop already launch the patch for Outlook 2007. fhewww.. what a relieve.

After patching then I realize, Outlook 2007 no more supporting categories. They still maintained the old categories, but for current version they using color categories.
HUH! strange. why on earth Microsoft do that! it will create a non-telly things with my treo and PalmDesktop

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Alejandra says
September 8, 2007 at 9:36 PM

Thanks a lot, I was going crazy trying to sync my treo with 2007. You are a life saver.