i overheard posterous mentioned everywhere, on twitter, on plurk. So it tickled me to try it.

posterous is blog service that provide a flexibility for people to post using his/her e-mail, and it's no need some kind of registration form either.

just send e-mail to, then it'll generate a temporary blog for you which later need to be setup by you.
your 'e-mail' will be shown on your 'going to be' posterous blog.

you can send normal text, pictures, video from your mobile phone, using your e-mail client.

but the problem arise after i try to send a picture which i took using my treo650, then send it via gmail using snapper.
the picture size is only 92 kb. when snapper send it, it become 125 kb (which is normal for e-mail size marked up due to header thing).

since treo 650 is doesn't have 3G capability, i send it using GPRS network.
and it took me averagely 30 minutes just to send 1 picture. and it failed due to timeout.

so there goes fun, i probably won't use my handheld to send blog (pic) post to my blog at posterous.