google map application for palm OS

finaly, google launch it's google map application for palm OS devices. it's already compile as PRC, so it will be easy to install.

you can download it by directing your palm OS browser to then download the application.

later when it has finished downloading, then you must run the installer that you've just downloaded.
then you can open google map on your handheld. but don't forget it need internet connection to browse google map.

i'm using treo 650, and it's smoothly open. but unfortunately since i'm living in jakarta, indonesia, the map is not really detailed. but at least i can view satelite imagery of the city :)

google map for palm OS have features such;

  • find location,
    just type any location you want, then google map will show you where is it.
  • find near by business,
    let say, if you're hungry, and you want to eat pizza, then type on the pizza on the search box, and google map will find it, if the business is registered in the map.
  • direction,
    google map will find direction from one location to another location.
  • traffic,
    google map will show you traffic in current opened map, if available
info via: id-PalmOS mailing list