fun with your contacts, and scroll a la blackberry

Treoblle is an application to ease you scrolling your contacts in fast. the display of the contacts name in big font is nice too.
You can scroll the contact list by stylus - i preferred using my finger - up and down smoothly.
press and move your finger/stylus up and down until specific name. to see the phone number/e-mail of the person, you need to press-hold for a second for the info to pop up.
it can operated by d-pad, but it loose the fun.

additionally to imitate a blackberry side scrolling, you might want to install treoSkey to emulate the volume button of your treo into scrolling button.
after you install the treoSkey, it will be installed under preference. open your preference, on section 'Other' you'll see treoSkey. enable it.
but somehow it's not instantly makes the treoSkey to work, after you go to your Home, press Option + side button to activate it.
now, with treoSkey so you can scroll a la blackberry on any application on your treo.

and one thing for sure, those two applications are free for use. :)