using treo 650 as wireless modem through bluetooth

your GSM treo 650 can be used as a wireless modem to connect your PC to internet. All you have to do is pairing your PC/laptop/notebook with your treo.

  1. Turn On Bluetooth on your PC/laptop/notebook and on your treo.
  2. Open your Bluetooth application on your treo. it should be under Main category.
  3. Turn on by tapping on "On" button.
  4. Set your device name. You can named it as you like. but my suggestion it is better using specific name.
  5. Choose "Yes" on Discoverable.
  6. Leave Dial-up Networking to "Off" for the moment.
  7. tap on "Setup Devices"
  8. it will display choice of Setup
  9. tap on "Trusted Devices".
  10. tap on "Add device".
  11. later select the device that appeared.
  12. enter the secret code on your treo and on your PC/laptop/notebook.
  13. Press Home button on your treo
  14. Go to Bluetooth application again,
  15. now, switch Dial-up Networking to "On"
  16. on your PC, on your Bluetooth icon, there should be menu "Network Connection"
  17. and now Create a new Connection.
  18. enter your User and Password of your celular network (please contact your celular network provider)
  19. and the number to dial is : *99***1#

for Indonesia Satelindo, Matrix, the user and password leave it blank

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