retrieve yahoo mail using versamail

it's been widely known that you cannot download your yahoo e-mail into e-mail application using pop3. especially from (but you still can do it if you're singaporean or indonesian yahoo base)

but to my surprise, you still can 'download' your yahoo e-mail using imap4! yey! ..
using a versamail, which is a default e-mail client in treo650. you can read your yahoo e-mail.
here's the step :

  1. create a new account in versamail. in menu Accounts/ Account Setup. or using shorcut menu button and W.
  2. click on new.. button.
  3. fill in any name on account name. let's put in yahooimap.
  4. choose mail service: other.
  5. choose protocol : IMAP, click next button
  6. fill in your yahooID on username, and the password, clik next button
  7. fill in your complete yahoo e-mail. it should be [yourYahooID]
  8. fill in on incoming mail server
  9. and on outgoing mail server
  10. click next button
  11. later click advanced button.
  12. leave it as default for port number, which is 143 and uncheck the SSL option
  13. click next
  14. leave it as default for port number, which is 25 and uncheck the SSL option. but put a checkmark on ESMTP
  15. done
now you should be able to read your yahoo e-mail on your treo650 :)

info : alex.liong at id-PalmOS mailing list.